多样性的8个问题 & 灵活性联盟主席 & 首席执行官,玛娜尔莫拉莱斯


You know the magic that happens when you work with awesome people? 我们认为它是一切, and we love working with folks who bring that kind of chemistry into our days. 尽可能多地, 我们坐下来 其中一位高管谈到了创业, the future of their industries and whatever other topics pop up.


IMG_0756思想领袖兼总统 & 的首席执行官 多样性 & 灵活的联盟莫拉雷斯,玛娜尔. 由她自己的经历所激励, Manar set out to tackle the lack of workplace 多样性, 包容性和灵活性, 同时帮助扩大女性领导人的声音.

这一领域的开拓者, she’s been promoting the benefits of flexible working for more than fifteen years and knew remote teams could be successful long before the pandemic. 多样性 & 灵活的联盟 advises organizations on how to truly embrace flexible and inclusive work policies to improve their recruitment, 保留, 员工的满意度, 生产力和创造力.

1. Who or what inspired you to start this work and create the 多样性 & 灵活的联盟?

After I graduated from law school, I became a litigator and an adjunct professor. 几年后我有了第一个儿子, I wanted to go part-time but found there were not many options for litigators. 所以,我必须创造自己的道路. 很多女人会过来对我说, “如果我能像你那样做的话, 我不会离开我的工作.” That led me to look at the broad impact that flexibility could have on the advancement of women.

2. 你的个人和多样性如何 & 灵活的联盟 as a whole worked to make change for the better?

我们是会员制的智库. So, we have a unique opportunity to bring a community of organizations together for a conversation around the importance of 多样性 and flexibility in the workplace and share best practices from various industries. 我们的研究 provides us with the hard data that backs all of our strategic advice and gives us the credibility to really create change.

Our goal has always been to try to change the narrative and mindset around what flexibility is and what it isn't. 这不是性能的权衡, 它是创新的驱动力, 多样性, 人才, 生产力, 并最终成为盈利能力的驱动力, 太. 正如许多人在大流行期间了解到的那样, 灵活性并不是平衡工作与生活的工具, 界限是平衡工作与生活的工具. The ability to enforce boundaries is a business imperative that benefits both the individuals and the organization.

3. Can you tell us about a time you’ve changed someone’s perspective on 多样性 and flexibility?

我们和很多不同的组织合作过. 我们不能总是保证他们会做什么, but we can always guarantee that they're having the right conversations. A lot of our efforts involve working with leaders first to shift their mindset around what flexibility is and what it isn't. 

We spend a lot of time busting the myths around flexibility. In fact, we wrote a Harvard Business Review article on the 明升88网站弹性工作的5个误区. Many leaders are afraid that if they embrace flexibility, 他们会失去自己的文化, 控制, 贡献, 协作和联系. Our goal has always been to tell them that if you implement flexibility in the right way, 相反,它将成为这些事情的驱动者.

4. We’re in the middle of year two of a massive remote work experiment. How has the pandemic helped or hurt 多样性 and flexible work?

The pandemic has accelerated people's acceptance of flexibility. 在大流行之前, I used to say that our biggest competitor was the status quo - leaders who would say “we've always done it this way” and don't want to change. Many of  those same leaders have since come up to me and said, “谁能想到这能成功?我们开玩笑地说:“嗯,我们做了。!”

Leaders that were initially resistant to remote work suddenly found themselves working from home. They began to understand they could do so and be quite productive. 所以,在这个问题上,人们的思维方式发生了很多转变.

问题是这不是真正的灵活性. 这不是真正的远程办公,而是远程办公 大流行期间. 每个人都在和疾病打交道, 失去社会支持, 远程教育, 照顾老人, 以及失去照顾孩子的机会等压力因素. People had to roll out flexibility and flip their organizations over to enable remote work overnight. They didn't have the infrastructure, support, or policies and practices. It worked, but it would work much better if the support systems were in place. 

We are now advising organizations on how to reimagine their flexible and hybrid working initiatives and recalibrate with the necessary structures in place for this new way of working.

5. 作为一个组织,你现在的首要任务是什么?

Our top priority is to make sure that flexibility is embraced as part of the future of work, 有了真正的改变, 不只是暂时的. We want organizations to fully embrace flexibility so that their policies, 人和实践是一致的. 这不仅仅是一项政策, it's about creating the right foundation to support it and providing a culture in which people can thrive.

6. What’s something you’re reading, watching or listening to that has sparked joy for you recently?

I just finished reading Undaunted, which is the story of Kara Goldin, the founder of 提示水. I tend to enjoy watching or reading books by female founders. 听他们的故事总是很鼓舞人心. 我还有三个儿子是泰德·拉索的铁杆粉丝. So, we have been watching Ted Lasso as a family, and that has been the best.

7. 如果不是你在管理多样性 & 弹性联盟,你会做什么?

I love connecting with and teaching others, so I would probably want to teach in some fashion. I like the idea of working with people on starting their own businesses and developing entrepreneurs. I especially would love to encourage more women to start their own organizations.

8. 你对多样性的期望是什么 & 灵活性联盟的未来? 你希望看到工作场所如何发展?

My hope for the Alliance is to continue to elevate the conversation around the future of work. 多样性 and flexibility should not be seen as accommodations or benefits but should be integral parts of every business model. 

All CEOs should be asking themselves: What is the business model that's going to take us into the future and how can 多样性 and flexibility play a key role in that?

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