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Dino Bites

HERITAGE DINO-BITES (Chewable Minerals)

Dino Bites - Trace Minerals!

According to an independent laboratory study performed by Heritage Health Products, it is likely we are not receiving the minerals we need from our food supply. Our study compared the mineral content of carrots to that of Heritage Dino-Bites. Out of 21 major and trace minerals, the carrots supplied only 9, whereas Dino-Bites provided 18! Even though this study is limited to carrots vs. Dino-Bites, the difference in mineral content is quite alarming. It is true that we and our children are not receiving the minerals our bodies require from our food supply. Heritage Dino-Bites provide a tasty, convenient way for all of us to get the minerals our bodies need!

Are our children receiving the vital minerals they need to grow, thrive and reach their potentials as intelligent, emotionally strong adults? Are we, as adults?? In an ongoing study by the US Department of Agriculture, it was shown that not one single person consumed 100% of the RDA for the 14 vitamins and minerals surveyed. In fact, the study stated that "the [Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals] shows that... intake of certain minerals remains a problem." Why should this concern us?

Minerals serve a tremendously wide variety of functions in the human body, from providing the substance of our bones to enabling intricate biochemical processes to occur. For example: "During the one second that the blood is racing through the tiny capillaries for the lung, the single atom of zinc that is set in the center of the enzyme carbonic anhydrase is brought into contact with 600,000 of its target molecules (carbonic acid)... Our ability to rid ourselves of CO2 through the exhaled air is then utterly dependent on the presence of these critically located atoms of zinc." (Ballentine)

As well as performing obvious vital functions, minerals contribute to the overall homeostasis of the body. Many cravings, for example, are simply due to mineral deficiencies; however, nothing will alleviate these cravings except the minerals themselves. Chocolate, for example, is often craved because it supplies us with vanadium and chromium.

Yet even with this knowledge, we are more likely to provide a mineral supplement for our livestock than we are for ourselves and our children! The necessity for a product like Heritage Dino-Bites is tremendous!

Some benefits of Heritage Dino-Bites:

  • Plentiful, wide range of minerals provided
  • GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status by FDA
  • Chelated, negatively charged minerals, thus more readily absorbed
  • Highly adsorptive - many toxic substances and allergens removed by montmorillonite

Suggested Adult Use: As a nutritional supplement, 1 chewable tablet per 50 pounds (23 kg) of body weight.


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All Heritage Products are manufactured in FDA approved facilities and independently tested for quality and formulation consistency.






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