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Activator Coffee

Activator Coffee

Imagine this: a dynamite energy product combined with a beverage that at least half the population already consumes on a daily basis. What do you have? Heritage Activator - the high energy, gourmet coffee that keeps you going all day! This product boosts energy levels like no other product on the market. On top of this, when it is used in combination with any of the Heritage E-Lite weight loss products, your results will jump 200%! Heritage Activator is the catalyst that will kick-start your weight loss program. If you have reached a plateau in your program, Activator is just the thing to Activate it again!

There is a revolutionary new trend sweeping across the globe, from Europe to Asia and Australia to South America. This trend is driven by one thing: consumer demand for foods and beverages that offer something extra. Athletes and sports enthusiasts want products with added ingredients that will enhance performance, replenish nutrients, and help them achieve their fitness goals. In a category that used to contain only candy bars, now one can find bars designed with a plethora of added ingredients, such as high protein, soy protein, low carbohydrates, no carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, and numerous other ingredients. The only limit is the imagination.

This revolutionary trend has created an entirely new category of products called "functional foods and beverages". Aside from specific health goals, everyone wants these foods and beverages to give them energy. In fact, the surging demand for energy products is predicted to be an $8 billion market by 2008 in the U.S. alone. Heritage Activator is a powerful energy product provided in a delicious gourmet coffee beverage. Millions of people already drink coffee, and eve the occasional coffee drinkers are increasing in numbers every day. Americans spend more than $9 billion per year on coffee. Wouldn't you like everyone you know that drinks coffee to be drinking Heritage Activator?

Heritage Activator gets you moving! Why? The scientifically formulated blend of functional nutrients are targeted at providing sustained energy and replenishing the body's most critical energy-supporting nutrients. The coffee delivery system further enhances energy and alertness.

Ingredient Highlights:

  • ATP - as the universal currency of energy at the cellular level, ATP will release its energy on demand. Outside the cells, ATP receptors are widespread throughout the body. Supplemental ATP reactivates the receptors that become desensitized to the energizing to the energizing effects of coffee
  • Taurine - the second most common amino acid in muscle and found in high percentage in heart muscle, this nutrient boosts the efforts of both the average person and the athlete
  • B-Vitamins - four B-Vitamins are included in this formula, all which play critical roles as coenzymes in cellular energy production in the body
  • Cocoa - high in theophylline and theobromine, proven to boost energy levels and mood

It's all about energy! All of these benefits are delivered to you in a delicious gourmet coffee beverage.

How to best enjoy Heritage Activator: Pour one scoop (8 grams or 1 1/2 teaspoon) into a cup or mug, and slowly add 8 ounces of water while stirring. Add more or less water to adjust to your desired taste preference.


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